Monday, 22 September 2008

#22 – Why round-up articles are more likely to be accepted

Or taking advantage of the gap in the market.

Less competition
Editors (on the whole) love list articles, but that’s not the only reason you should start thinking about ideas for some and pitching them. The other is that other writers aren’t pitching them. There’s less competition.

Not glamorous – but profitable
Putting together a round-up article isn’t particularly glamorous or exciting, but that’s precisely why you should do it. Think about it – if you prefer to be writing flowing, literary prose about one destination, then there’s a high chance that most other writers out there are too.

Gap in the market
So if most other writers are pitching destination pieces that they enjoy writing, there’s something of a gap in the market, isn’t there? If you’re prepared to do the round-ups, then you’ve got a better chance of making a sale.


Chava 812 said...

I like this idea, too. I myself am not into flowing pieces, tho I tend to write my blog almost as an now semi-organized) stream-of-consciousness.
I didn't pursue my dreams of writing when I left college. I was pretty rudderless. I want to do this now. I have really enjoyed all your tips, and still have many to read and absorb. Many thanks!!!

Emily Rose said...

Nice post. Especially part about "gap in the market". Welcome to my blog about articles writing. Thanx.