Saturday, 11 July 2009

#98 - How to make money writing travel guides for the internet

- Or why guide book authors should be using their knowledge online.

Boost income by writing for the web
In tip #70, I attempted to blow the myth that travel writers can't earn money writing for the web out of the water. The portal sites are excellent potential sources of income for individual articles.
But the way to make real money writing for the internet is to create your own travel guide site, and turn it into your primary business.

Guide book author to online travel guide creator
The skill sets for being a guide book author and creating a comprehensive online travel guide are very similar. And with tools such as Google Maps available, there is no reason why travel writers with a wealth of knowledge on a certain destination or subject cannot create themselves a profitable niche on the internet.

Examples and further detail
I have explained this further in a large post at my other site - It's my honest belief that any travel writer can do this, and I know many are in the process of doing so. Mike Gerrard and Donna Dailey at are an excellent example of how it's possible to slowly grow a site.
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jenny2write said...

Can't get onto - is the server down?

David said...

It was down temporarily, but is back playing nice now :)

Simon said...

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